Zogg history

Zogg Services was formed in 1996, based on the philosophy that we could ease employer-related tasks by providing the competitive advantages “big business” already had. Our vision: To group small and medium-size employers, allowing collective access to better benefits, programs and administrative efficiency. In other words...the tools needed to succeed. We understood the way to accomplish our goal, and all the legalities entailed, was through an employee leasing platform. This unique employer/administration-service relationship is known today as “co-employment.”

In the beginning Zogg provided Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services only in Texas, but quickly expanded nationally while adding an Administration Services Only (ASO) model as well. This growth can be attributed to our deep commitment to fulfill a great marketplace need, and doing so with client dedication that goes above and beyond. Most interesting about Zogg’s growth is that it flourished organically, based on our reputation and authority in executing these services. When Zogg launched, we did not establish a sales team—preferring to expand through solid customer relationships and industry referrals. That brings us to where we are today...committed to delivering reliable operational business advantages to our clients.